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About Us

Juniper Environmental was created to be an independent and objective resource for commercial, industrial and agricultural property investors or buyers.

To remain focused on helping businesses and individuals during one of their most expensive and stressful times, Juniper Environmental focuses its services on the initial environmental due diligence assessments which would typically be conducted prior to closing. Our focused set of services allows us to be your advocate.

Juniper Environmental specializes in due diligence reporting, specifically Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) for non-residential properties, transaction screens, peer reviews and other limited due diligence efforts.

Should the need arise for a limited Phase II assessment, Juniper Environmental can usher your project through that process with the assistance of our vetted and experienced subcontractors.

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When purchasing a property you not only buy the building but the land beneath the surface.

The moment you close on a property, the liability associated with any subsurface contamination is your responsibility.

Our Approach

Transaction Screen

Transaction Screens are typically performed on properties where a tiered approach is being taken. The conclusions of a Transaction Screen provide whether the findings indicate the need for a more comprehensive assessment to be performed (i.e., Phase I ESA).

Desktop Review

A desktop review is just that, a review of records without a visit to the Site. This limited assessment is an initial step in determining the potential for environmental concerns at a Site.

Peer Review

Review of other consultants' environmental assessments to assist client with decision making.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

A thorough on-Site and remote investigation of current and historic uses to identify potential environmental liability.

Buyer's/Lender's Representative

As the buyer's or lender's advocate, Juniper Environmental will ensure samples are collected at appropriate locations and within expected quality parameters. As experienced environmental professionals, beyond Phase I ESAs, Juniper is able to provide observations of those additional services and provide opinions or further recommendations.

Phase 2 Assessments

Phase 2 activities are conducted under the oversight of Juniper Environmental to address RECs identified in previous Phase I ESAs. These activities include but are not limited to, geophysical investigation, soil boring and sampling, well installation and sampling, soil vapor sampling, and report writing.


For less than a mortgage payment we can protect you from buying someone else's problem.

We are proud to be a certified


Why Juniper Environmental?


With over 18 years and over 500 Phase I ESAs completed, we have the experience necessary to identify potential environmental liabilities associated with non-residential properties.


Juniper Environmental does not perform the more costly post-due diligence activities allowing us to remain completely objective when providing conclusions and recommendations.


As experts in our field, Juniper Environmental has efficiencies worked into the due diligence process.

Additionally, we do not have the significant overhead that comes with larger offices and post-due diligence activities.


As a small, woman-owned business which focuses on due diligence projects we are able to be attentive and readily accessible.

Our Services


Transaction Screens


Desktop Evaluations


Peer Reviews


Phase I Environmental Site Assessment


Buyer's/Lender's Representative


Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment


Other limited due diligence environmental consulting

Meet Angela Price

Owner and CEO


Completed Phase I and II investigations, soil and
groundwater remedial oversight, tank removal
activities and multiple PA Act 2 closures. Was a
quality assurance manager for two years for a large
emergency response.


Has conducted over 500 Phase I ESAs for various client industries


  • MS of Environmental Health and Engineering
  • BS of Environmental Biology

What Our Clients Are Saying

Angela was great to work with. She responded quickly to all emails, was professional during the site visit, and concluded the report exactly as expected. I would work with her again!

Ashley Tuma

Professional astute and attention to detail. Angela is a pleasure to deal with!

Yaakov Egert

It’s been a pleasure to work with Angela Price from Juniper Environmental. As a company owner, she understands the importance of taking care of her customer and providing quality service. I have found her to be responsive, professional, accessible and knowledgeable. I particularly like that she is a limited environmental due diligence provider that is focused on initial environmental due diligence assessments without offering more expensive follow up services. That helps me know that she is evaluating the property with the right intent.

Thomas Bream, Presence Bank