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Let Juniper protect you from purchasing someone else’s problem.

Juniper Environmental was created to be an independent and objective resource for commercial, industrial and agricultural property investors or buyers. To remain free of potential conflict, Juniper Environmental focuses its services on the initial environmental due diligence assessments without offering the more expensive follow up activities. Our focused set of services allows us to be your advocate.   

Juniper Environmental specializes in due diligence reporting, specifically Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) for non-residential properties, transaction screens, peer reviews and other limited due diligence efforts. With over 15 years experience and well over 400 Phase I ESAs completed, we have the experience necessary to identify potential environmental liabilities associated with non-residential properties.

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Why Juniper Environmental?


over 10 years
experience conducting
post-Phase I ESA investigations and well over 400 Phase I ESAs completed we are highly skilled at
identifying potential concerns.


Juniper Environmental does not perform the more costly post-Phase I activities
allowing us to remain
completely objective
when providing
conclusions and


As experts in our field, Juniper Environmental has efficiencies worked into the due diligence process. Additionally, we do not have the significant overhead that comes with larger offices and post-Phase I equipment needs.


As a small, woman-owned
business which focuses on due diligence projects we are
able to be attentive and readily accessible. As an added level of customer service we provide a secure password-protected document transfer site for each individual client.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

A thorough on-Site and remote investigation of current and historic uses to identify potential environmental liabilities.

Peer Review

Review of other consultants’ environmental assessments to assist client with decision making.

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    For less than a mortgage payment we can protect you from buying someone else’s problem.

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